Walkin' The Line

by Set Me Free

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Line Up: Dan, Gabri, Gian, Stizzo
Recorded between April and September 2011 at Cellar Door Station by Gianluca Amendolara. Released by Open Up Records (OUR #012)


released April 25, 2012

All music and lyrics by Set Me Free, backup vocals by SMF, Grazia, Paolo NMF, Fox and Simo Upward. Back guitar in "NWO" by Amen. Cover photo by Valerio Savini



all rights reserved


Set Me Free Milano, Italy

Set Me Free is a youth crew band from Milan (Italy), born in 2009, with members of Product, No More Fear, The Miracle and Fumbles In Life.

SMF is:
Dan, Gabri, Gian, Stizzo

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Track Name: The Line
Since you've been made
You follow your own path
Just like a never ending line full of snags
Maybe someone gives you a hand
But mostly face it all just by yourself
Bold and proud, walk the line
And down you will never fall
Walk the line
Walk the line
When anything oppresses you,
It's time to rise again
Face also your creator
Who never cared of you
At the outside he's just a carver,
Your the owner of yourself
Bold and proud, walk the line
And down you will never fall
Walk the line
Walk the line
Track Name: Banks Unfair
Humanity always needed to socialize
That’s the reason many standards were made
And we all accepted
Inked paper replaced barter
Banks unfair
And a bit replaced a coin
Banks unfair
Government and banks, money made by order
Refusing to know the government is all the folks
Fraud, deceit
Interest’s a value to get power
Banks unfair
Invented to make the poors
Banks unfair
Seigniorage, usury, lies!
Seigniorage, usury, lies!
Track Name: Still Proud
It was the greatest idea we ever had
An alternative to self destruction and blame
Some fools felt strong and made it a rank
But don't dare to mix me with them
Because I'm still fucking proud to be straight edge
Track Name: Wonderful World
Today I was browsing a review
A collection pics of animals, forests
Auroras and other beautiful stuff
And I forgot the daily pain
Wonderful world
Pets playing in the green
It’s a wonderful world
A rainbow covering the falls
It’s a wonderful world
So I found myself to think
This world is so amazing
Somehow we must protect it
It’s the only way to feel peace inside
Wonderful world
Track Name: Your Internet Account
Lots of water passed under the bridge
Since the cut and paste old fanzine
Shows' flyers with paper and glue
It's easier today, the web helps you
Typing on topics, you're also a star
Hiding behind a screen knife stabbed on my back
Lots of opinions but only you have the rights
At the shows you're on my side, a knife on my back
Building up a personality, but you're a loser
Your fucking words are mostly fake, just a troll you are
Hiding and causing fights don’t make you cooler
Your internet accont’s just a waste of moolah
Track Name: NWO
In Europe the Economic and Monetary Union failed and the U.N.
showed incapacity and stupidity
the richest heads of government conspire
to rule the world
they call one world currency to favour people
a sadistic economic system defaults all the nations
corruption, a secretive power elite speculate
slave politicians support the clan for a fucking slide
democracy with thousand laws
authority made of greed
hidden heads, guileful attack, a reign of terror
and they laugh on our back
9/11, norwegian hardliner, 'cause they rule
a financial state and they are growing fat
regime of unrelenting pressure intimidates
poorest countries get poorer, the other richest ones too
ridiculous conspiracy theory?
but look at those bitches and tell me
how can i believe i'm blinded fool
they're stepping my dignity