Only One Flag

by Set Me Free

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Line up: Francesco, Gabriele, Gianluca, Stizzo.
Recorded @ Cellar Door Studio by Gianluca Amendolara in April 2010
Released by Youth Crew Records, Vraja Records and Best of Times.


released June 26, 2010



all rights reserved


Set Me Free Milano, Italy

Set Me Free is a youth crew band from Milan (Italy), born in 2009, with members of Product, No More Fear, The Miracle and Fumbles In Life.

SMF is:
Dan, Gabri, Gian, Stizzo

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Track Name: Set Me Free
Material world
means bad news
and I can see with my eyes
day by day
step by step
material noises
are miserable

Chanting the Holy Names of Krishna
setting me free SET ME FREE!!!

Spiritual world
means good news
and I can see with my eyes
day by day
step by step
spiritual choices
are invincible

Chanting the Holy Names of Krishna
setting me free SET ME FREE!!!
Track Name: Only One Flag
I don’t feel a part of this nation
I don’t want to hear your complications
why reduce it all so small?
Why try to take control of it all ?

We demand! Justice!
Independence! Only one flag!

I’m sorry Mr President if you have lost some votes
we try only to hear to the soul
are you sure of satisfaction in your life?
You know that everybody’s gonna die?

We demand! Justice!
Independence! Only one flag!

I don’t think when you take your last breath
what value will your swollen wallet!
This is our straight edge pride!

Only one flag!
Track Name: Fami-Lies
Family lies
breaking down
all your good intentions
all your good words
you want to have children
without knowing how
you want to help it grow
without growing yourself

What you wanna build?
Build! Build yourself!
What you wanna find?
Find! Find yourself!
Track Name: Help
When it seems that all is lost and I can’t see any way out
my body lying on the ground and loudly I did shout
inflicted by a thousand questions that I can’t explain
sitting on this lonely staircase I can’t still remain

I need Your help!
I need Your help!

I’ve been running hooded up down this familiar way
I can only gaze at the sky as the pain slips away
now thank’s to You everything is going well
I bow before Your presence a long way from hell

I need Your help!
I need Your help!

Something has change
something will change
what can I need?
You’re everlasting love
what can I do?
Just abandon myself to You.
Track Name: Never Surrender
Never surrender!
I’ve seen your face
you will never be the same
your words , your actions
straight off my chest

don't scare me!

It’s our time
to spread real values
here and now
we’ll never surrender

Never surrender!
Track Name: Hey Sandman
Behind those smiling faces
given to enchant
in truth I see much sadness
and the real poverty
congratulations to
your keen organization
It’s a pack of lies!
It’s a pack of lies!

Hey sandman! Take a look around!
Hey sandman! It’s time to close your mouth!

Corruption worthy
of a coward like you
do you think you have protection
and nothing kills you?
Time’s running away
and this you cannot stop
take your chance
and know yourself!

Hey sandman! Take a look around!
Hey sandman!It’s time to close your mouth!

Something really precious has the upperhand
and what you gonna do when you are made of sand?
Don’t you hear Mother Earth who is crying?
Won't you stop shedding this blood so oversize!
Track Name: Chewed Enough
Wake up!
Sleeping souls!
Running fast!
We have chewed enough!

Somedays like a heap of leaves problem fills my head
some knife wounds on my back that I’m looking to treat
words of wisdom appears definite
now I feel this strong wind sweep my mind high

wake up and live!
we have chewed enough!

Years and years I’ve been running imagining that I’m free
but like a fool without realizing that I was tightly tied
no questions appear in my mind
now I feel that my thick knot is going to be untied

Wake up and live!
We have chewed enough!

The taste is just renewed
but this trascendental sound
give us an higher taste